INAC 2014

Kas 20 2013
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It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate, but more importantly to contribute to the success of the 2014 INAC (International Neonatology Association Conference) which will take place in Valencia, Spain from 03 to 05 April, 2014.

The International Neonatology Association aims at improving new born survival and help improve standards of education in the field of neonatology. The organization also attempts to define minimal standards that need to be made available to all new born in the world, promote high standards of neonatal care, enhance quality of care for a patients and families, decreasing health disparities and improving health care outcomes.

With the 2014 INA Conference, the organization continues to full fill its mission to train, educate & update those professionals taking care of New Born, while at the same time stimulating and allowing each one of you the opportunity to meet and / or create your own professional network of colleagues & friends.

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